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Cryptocurrency Payment Option

Accepted Cryptocurrency Payment Options

After completing your order, please send the correct amount to any of the coin addresses listed below.

​Please double check that the coin you are sending matches the appropriate address listed below. Coins sent to the wrong address will result in a total loss of funds. **Corvette Depot holds no responsibility for mis-sent payments/loss of funds**

After your payment is received in full, we will confirm receipt and process your order. If you have any question feel free to reach out to us.

xrp-ripple-logo.jpg Ripple (XRP) Address: r46nhZ4EF5g9tRU59cv67CDFdwTZiV8TTu


xdc-logo.png XDC Network (XDC) Address: xdc9fe6ef0770eb26780892d60195254437ed317556

hbar-logo.jpg Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Address: 0.0.1073929

     dogecoin-logo.png     Dogecoin (DOGE) Address: D62G3PeeBVjwqEnAA5mJFEiqQbXYVLgKUk